What’s Going On?

Post written by Susan Connelly
19 February 2021
BOMBING OF DILI It’s 79 years since the bombing of Dili, Portuguese Timor. (Darwin was also bombed.) It’s high time we Australians remembered with sorrow the terrible loss of Timorese lives during World War 11. Tens of thousands died as a direct result of helping our Australian soldiers. See graphic here. There was a rally outside Linda Reynolds’ Office in Perth on Friday 19th February. The Defence Minister was chosen because of the WWII connection. Here’s an image of the event.   And here’s the advertisement in the newspaper. [...]
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Post written by Susan Connelly
1 February 2021
Click here for a large number of news items about Witness K and Bernard Collaery.   [...]

National Day of Action – 9 November 2020

Post written by Susan Connelly
10 November 2020
Photos – National Day of Action – Drop the Prosecutions! 
9 November 2020 Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Alice SpringsPictorial summary.                              [...]

The “Witness K” and Bernard Collaery Hearings

Post written by Susan Connelly
8 November 2020
Click on the title above for the list of Court Hearings, photographs, speeches and more. [...]

Alan Moir Cartoon

Post written by Susan Connelly
22 September 2020
Alan Moir – FREEDOM FROM INFORMATION   Thanks to Alan Moir for permission to use his brilliant cartoon. [...]

Attorney-General’s Power to Discontinue Cases

Post written by Susan Connelly
21 September 2020

Recent Awards for Bernard Collaery

Post written by Susan Connelly
2 December 2020
See here for Awards that Bernard Collaery has recently received. [...]

Bernard Collaery’s speech in Armidale

Post written by Susan Connelly
2 November 2020
Find here a pdf of Bernard Collaery speech’s at the Annual Human Rights Lecture of the Armidale Sanctuary Humanitarian Settlement at the UNE, Armidale on 29 October 2020 [...]