Secret State, Rule of Law and Whistleblowers
Here is Bernard Collaery’s speech at Manning Clark House on 26 September 2021
Manning Clark House flyer for the event.


Bernard Collaery’s speech at the Armidale Human rights Lecture
of the Armidale Sanctuary Humanitarian Settlement at the UNE, Armidale on 29 October 2020

Bernard Collaery speaking at Search Foundation/New Internationalist Bookshop Event
11 June 2020 – just over an hour.  Here’s a pdf 

Bernard Collaery Speech
150 Psalms Project –Adelaide Festival – 29 February 2020


Our country is a better place because of journalists and whistleblowers: Andrew Wilkie MP
Talk given by Andrew Wilkie – 30 July 2019 – Radioinfo.com.au
In 2003 Andrew Wilkie resigned his position at ONA so that he could speak out about his view that Sadam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction…. He lost his job and “became unemployable in Canberra.” After receiving death threats, having his reputation trashed, losing his marriage, being dropped by friends, and many other consequences as a result of speaking the truth, eventually Wilkie was elected as an independent member of parliament. He spoke about his experiences and the importance of free media.


National security, legal professional privilege, and the Bar Rules
Bernard Collaery – Address at the Australian National University – 11 June 2015
This is the text of Bernard Collaery’s important speech.