The Centre for Public Integrity Webinar 14 October 2021

“The Australian government’s performance in dealing with our poorest neighbour is one of mendacity, duplicity, fraud, criminal behaviour, invasions of legal professional privilege, contempt of court, denial of a fair trial and a failure to act as a model litigant.”

Two quotes:
Stephen Charles at 14:40
“The Australian government’s performance in dealing with our poorest neighbour is one of mendacity, duplicity, fraud, criminal behaviour, invasions of legal professional privilege, contempt of court, denial of a fair trial and a failure to act as a model litigant.”

Bernard Collaery 22:16
So the great problem for our society is this: if the executive are not behaving lawfully as one of the 3-part separation of powers, and if the Parliament isn’t reigning them in, should the judiciary do that?

ABC News 6 October 2021
Click here for a news segment broadcast on 6 October 2021 about the decision to make the Collaery trial more public. Elizabeth Byrne refers at the end to the sting in the tail – the fact that other critical material has yet to be assessed. It seems that such material may be subject to a “judge only” regime again, thus delaying the actual trial further.

The Ballad of K and BC
Click here for Tony Ilott’s Ballad of K and BC on YouTube

Media Watch  ~  24 May 2021
The Canberra lawyer on official secrets charges continues to fight to have his hearing held in open court.

Blowing the Whistle: Government, the Law and Secrecy
Sydney Writers’ Festival
2021 Festival Podcast Series

Witness K, Bernard Collaery, Christian Porter and Justice.
Alan Moir Cartoon, March 2021   Pdf.

Secrecy and Spying – the Trials of Bernard Collaery and Witness K–  31 March 2021


High profile whistle-blower trial to be kept out of the public eye
Norman Swan interviews Steve Bracks – RN Breakfast – 29 June 2020  Audio 9 minutes

Australia: Secret State?
Features Bernard Collaery, Clinton Fernandes, Nick Xenophon, Dennis Richardson, Jacinta Carroll Annika Smethurst.
QandA – ABC TV – 22 June 2020     Here is a pdf.

Christian Porter and a secret trial have destroyed my practice, Witness K lawyer Bernard Collaery says
Adam Harvey – ABC 7:30 – 16 June 2020   Here’s a transcript.

Exclusive interview with former ACT attorney-general lawyer Bernard Collaery who’s at the centre of a secret trial the media can’t cover
Paul Barry – Media Watch – 15 June 2020   Click here for Transcript
Click here for the questions addressed to the Attorney-General and his response.

Closed trial seeks to ‘conceal govt wrongdoing’ against Timor Leste
Green Left Weekly – Susan Connelly interviewed by Paul Oboohov – 25 May 2020  Transcript pdf.

How a national security law is leading to secret trials in Australia
The Full Story  – Laura Murphy-Oates interviews Christopher Knaus – 1 June 2020
Audio 26 minutes. First 15 min concern Witness K and Bernard Collaery, followed by discussion of the secret trial of “Witness J”.

Bernard Collaery and Steve Bracks
Podcast – 15 April 2020 – Melbourne University Press

Transcript of Bernard Collaery Interview
Annie McLoughlin – 28 March 2020 – 3CR Melbourne

Bernard Collaery on Spying and Subterfuge in Australia’s history with Timor-Leste
3RRR Melbourne – The Grapevine  – 16 March 2020    Audio 25 minutes

Hidden Bugs and Helium: Bernard Collaery on our troubled history with East Timor
Phillip Adams – Late Night Live – 12 March 2020   Audio

Andrew Wilkie in Conversation with Bernard Collaery
10 March 2020


“Freedom from Information” Sydney Morning Herald – Saturday 16 November 2019

The spy scandal that laid bare Australia’s record on whistleblowers
Podcast – The Guardian – 30 October 2019    20 minutes 

Transcript of Whistleblower segment – Christiane Amanpour (US) – 22 October 2019
Michael Martin interviews Tom Mueller
Interesting information from the US  on the dangers of being a whistleblower

Jose Ramos-Horta urges Australia to drop Witness K, whistleblower charges
SBS  – 30 August 2019
Timor-Leste had moved on since the spying scandal and so should Australia by dropping charges against the whistleblowers who exposed it, says Jose Ramos Horta.

Former attorney-general George Brandis had ‘misgivings’ about prosecuting Witness K and Collaery
Steve Cannane and Peter Cronau – ABC Four Corners – 26 August 2019

Secrets, spies and trials: national security vs the public’s right to know
Steve Cannane and Peter Cronau – ABC Four Corners TRAILER – 26 August 2019

Secrets, spies and trials: national security vs the public’s right to know
Full program.

Visit Timor-Leste
Juice Media – 10 August 2019 – Teachers’ /PG Version
Superb 9 minute visual of all the issues.

Witness K to plead guilty in Timor-Leste spying case, but co-accused to fight charges
Radio National Drive – 6 August 2019
Professor Clinton Fernandes explains the implications of the hearing.

Australia has pocketed millions in revenue from Timor Sea oil and gas projects
Anne Barker, Charlie Scheiner – ABC Radio – 30 July 2019

Our country is a better place because of journalists and whistleblowers: Andrew Wilkie MP
Talk given by Andrew Wilkie – 30 July 2019 –
In 2003 Andrew Wilkie resigned his position at ONA so that he could speak out about his view that Sadam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction…. He lost his job and “became unemployable in Canberra.” After receiving death threats, having his reputation trashed, losing his marriage, being dropped by friends, and many other consequences as a result of speaking the truth, eventually Wilkie was elected as an independent member of parliament. He spoke about his experiences and the importance of free media.

Bernard Collaery on ABC radio with Linda Mottram
5 June 2019.  Link takes you to recording and transcript.


Media Watch Episode
Media Watch – ABC TV – 2 July 2018    Here’s a pdf.
“So it was a Watergate situation. They broke in and they bugged, in a total breach of sovereignty, the cabinet room, the ministerial offices of then prime minister (Mari) Alkitiri (sic) and his government. They placed clandestine listening devices in the ministerial conference room…” (The Australian, 29 May, 2013). 

Timor spying
Juanite Phillips, Greg Jennett, Emma Alberici
Media Watch – ABC – 2 July 2018 

Andrew Wilkie MP announces the prosecutions of “Witness K” and Bernard Collaery in Parliament
27 June 2018     5 Minutes   Read pdf here.


Drawing the Line
Marian Wilkinson and Peter Cronau – Four Corners, ABC TV – 17 March 2014
Click here for pdf.

Did the walls have ears?
Hagar Cohen – ABC Background Briefing  – 23 February 2014

UN Court hears ET case against Australia
SBS Radio 23 January 2014 

A Timeline of Events Leading up to Timor-Leste’s ICJ Claim Against Australia
The View from LL2 – 25 January 2014     Here is a pdf.  

“Reluctant Savior” –  based on the book by Professor Clinton Fernandes.
This documentary is being produced and directed by Gil Scrine  0418 596 482

Draw the Line in the Timor Sea (Video of a powerpoint presentation)


Former intelligence officer says ASIO raid legitimate national security action
Mark Colvin interviews Dr Clinton Fernandes. 4 December 2013
Listen to MP3 of this story (6 minutes)    Alternate WMA version | MP3 download    Pdf of transcript.


Defence accused of attempting to stop critical book
Nick McKenzie – ABC AM – 13 October 2005
Concerning the government’s efforts to stop the publication of Professor Clinton Fernandes’ book “Reluctant Saviour”.