Witness K and Bernard Collaery – Information material

Senate Inquiry Submissions
A 2019 Senate Inquiry is investigating Australia’s withdrawal from UN oversight of maritime boundary negotiations in 2002.  This withdrawal had direct bearing on subsequent unfair treatment of Timor-Leste.

Secrets, Spies and Trials
Watch the ABC Four Corners episode of 26 August 2019 which explains the spying and the prosecution of Witness K and Bernard Collaery.

National security, legal professional privilege, and the Bar Rules
Bernard Collaery address at the ANU 11 June 2015
Paragraphs 19, 54, 58, 59, 62 and 65 are fairly absorbing.

Material from the International Court of Justice on the seizure of documents and the injunction for Australia not to use them:

ICJ Press Release 20 December 2013
ICJ Press release 3 March 2014

International Court of Justice Awards Timor-Leste Provisional Measures
Timor-Leste Government – Press Release – 4 March 2014

Senate: Committee of Privileges – Person Referred to: Bernard Collaery May 2014


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Telling the Truth about Timor

Telling the Truth about Timor


Right to a Fair Trial

Right to Fair Trial


Postcards to Attorney-General

WKBC Postcard AG


Timor Saga #1
These Charges Must be Dropped

Timor Saga 1


Timor Saga #2  Two Scapegoats

Timor Saga 2


Timor Sea Justice Forum Media Release 10 September 2018

Handout – Canberra Lawyer Faces Charges

Canberra lawyer faces charges


3. A 4 Handout – Australia spied on friends

Oz spied on friend March 2019


4. A5 handout – Witness K and Bernard Collaery

A5 background WKBC