Witness K and Bernard Collaery – Campaign actions

“I spy something beginning with K”
Report of event hosted by Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors in Brisbane 29 October 2019 (pdf)

Here’s another petition which has almost 40,000 signatures. PLEASE SIGN

A Letter of Support was sent to Witness K and Bernard Collaery on 5 August  2019

Gareth Smith’s petition is worth signing.

Watch Juice Media’s  “Welcome to Timor-Leste” (2 and a half minutes).

Bernard Collaery was interviewed by Linda Mottram on 5 June 2019.
The link takes you to the recording and the transcript.

Click here for Drop the Case. It is in the series “Writing Rings for Righting Wrongs”.

Read here a report of Bernard Collaery’s launching of Clinton Fernandes’ book “Island off the Coast of Asia” on 13 April 2019.
Here is Richard Ackland’s comment on the launch in “The Saturday Paper” 20 April 2019.

Bernard Collaery wins prestigious award 
Lawyer Bernard Collaery won the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA 2018 Civil Justice Award in October 2018, recognising his work in fighting for justice for the Timor-Leste people.  Also see Congratulations message.

Witness K: Blowing the whistle on the grab for Timor’s oil
David Dixon and Paul Cleary, 13 September 2018 Sydney University