A Disturbing Book Launch

Post written by Susan Connelly
23 April, 2019
Read here a report of Bernard Collaery’s launching of Clinton Fernandes’ book “Island off the Coast of Asia” on 13 April 2019. Here is Richard Ackland’s comment on the launch in “The Saturday Paper” 20 April 2019. [...]
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Book Launch – Clinton Fernandes and Bernard Collaery

Post written by Susan Connelly
1 April, 2019
Professor Clinton Fernandes’s book “Island off the Coast of Asia” is being launched in Sydney. Click here for flyer.  Please register with susan.connelly@sosj.org.au Details:  Saturday April 13, 3-5 p.m. at Monte Sant’Angelo School, 128 Miller St North Sydney. Free event. All welcome.   [...]

Australian Lawyers’ Alliance speaks out

Post written by Susan Connelly
28 March, 2019
The risks to a fair trial for Witness K and Bernard Collaery are risks to all Australians. Read the Lawyers’ Alliance press release here. [...]

Secrecy, cunning and humbug

Post written by Susan Connelly
25 March, 2019
How the Witness K/Collaery case is being delayed into oblivion, by Bernard Keane. Click the link above and read about the major Australian political manipulation of law and justice, and how we are all being duped. [...]

These charges must be dropped!

Post written by Susan Connelly
8 March, 2019
Click here for a graphic that makes this complicated saga a little easier to understand. These Charges must be Dropped! [...]

Yet another secret hearing

Post written by Susan Connelly
6 March, 2019
East Timor spy scandal: Jury could hear Collaery, Witness K case Alexandra Back, The Canberra Times, 28 February, 2019 An account of the secret hearing on 28 February, which signalled another secret hearing in August. [...]

Using “national security” and secrecy

Post written by Susan Connelly
5 March, 2019
Suppression orders and lawyers’ arrogance undermine democracy Bernard Keane – Crikey, 13 December 2018 The resort to suppression orders by our courts undermines faith in the legal system and is used by the legal industry to avoid scrutiny. The fight to keep the Witness K case secret Jonathan Pearlman, The Saturday Paper  13 October 2018 As Witness K trial opens, there are questions over secrecy Clinton Fernandes, The Conversation, 13 September 2018 [...]