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JUSTLY is a collection of reports and articles on certain social justice areas, particularly dealing with Timor-Leste, West Papua and refugees.

Of particular concern is the matter of “Witness K” and Bernard Collaery, two outstanding Australian patriots who are being pursued by the Australian government and face jail. JUSTLY views this pursuit as an abuse of power, an attempt to scapegoat the defendants in order to cover up government wrong-diong.

The site is maintained by Susan Connelly

I am an Australian Catholic religious sister.  I speak here on my own behalf, and not in the name of my nation, my church or my congregation. I have been a teacher in Catholic schools, a catechist in State schools and have worked for many years with the people of Timor-Leste (East Timor).  I recently gained a PhD researching the relationship between Australia and East Timor 1974 – 1999, using the insights of René Girard.